Auchenard 2.11.13 010

The lighter side of life

In recent weeks we’ve see asbestos removal, new boiler, pipe work for central heating and electrics – but the most visible difference is the plastering of the walls and ceilings in the house. When it is freshly applied, plaster is a dark brown, so this hasn’t been the most aesthetically pleasing look, but it certainly…


Alarming update

As mentioned earlier we’re getting the whole house required. In some of the rooms a second wire appeared in the ceiling adjacent to a light fitting. When we carried out our first restoration project we also had some wiring updated. At that time we replaced our fire alarms. They are battery powered as is usual…


Another day at the ranch

Each weekend there is something at Auchenard that requires our attention. Today we’re moving some of our deliveries out of the living and dining rooms so that our contractor can strip wallpaper and re-plaster. During each renovation there is a point when you just wish it was all over and Saturday morning could be used…

Pipe removal 008

Well hello hottie!

Lurking in the deepest darkest corners of our manky garage is one fine looking beast. With a name like Valliant how could it not get our fires burning? Ignore the wires, the damp flaking walls, the plethora of pipes and gaze on its condensing majesty.