Please don’t take my sunshine away

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I want to know – does anyone actually like when the clocks move back?   I most certainly loved the “extra” hour of sleep the other night, but now that the sun sets at 5pm I just want to throw on some pj’s and go comatose after dinner.  In memory of Daylight Savings Time, here’s my tribute to the sun – well, in the form of sun rooms.

My dream home would most definitely have a sun room in it.   Let’s think about this…It’s a room completely devoted to the big, bright ball of light in the sky.  You can soak up that Vitamin D without even going outdoors.  Perfection.  If you’re lucky enough to have one, here’s some really cool designs I’ve come across.

Curbly Sunroom by Emily Henderson

I know Emily just posted this like a day ago but I saw this and instantly felt myself 8th grade style crushing this room.   I’m…

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