Our first home: house tour

We started this blog at the time we bought our second home Auchenard. When we bought our first property in mid 2012 it was also in need of major renovations.  That project is where we caught the renovation bug. Why pay over the odds for someone else’s bathroom/kitchen/flooring choices when you can make your own?

Here is a brief before and after tour. The before pictures came from the estate agent’s photos i.e. we bought it knowing it needed some work. However the full property survey we had carried out let us know that the property was in good structural condition and any changes required were mostly cosmetic.

– Kitchen –

A Kitchen

After the works were completed and still a blank canvas:




– Living Room – 

AA main living room

When the builders left (and we’d finished off the fireplace):


How we currently roll:



– Master bedroom –

Bedroom 1

Just awaiting the carpet:



SDC10464   SDC10458

– Guest bedroom –

Bedroom 2

In progress:


Current guest room:




– Office/ Third bedroom –

Bedroom 3

In progress – here you can see that the new wall that was built. The door opening was flush with the original wall but this new wall adds about two m2 floor space to the bathroom.


Current room:



– Bathroom – 


The original bathroom only had space for a bath. We knocked down the internal wall and extended it into the third bedroom to make way for an extra large shower and moved the sink to the left side of the bathroom. We went from here:


To here:



– Hall – 


How we currently live:

           Hall 001



We will be blogging about our new home Auchenard but may from time to time update on the progress from our first property.

7 thoughts on “Our first home: house tour

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  3. Oh my. How old is your home? Love the transom window, wood floors and ceiling height. Nice job on the bath reno; especially the shower!

    • Hi Joanne, our first home (where we currently stay as the renovations are ongoing) is a tenement flat in Glasgow. They are purpose built family flats and were built in 1890. Auchenard, our new house was built in 1904. We love the victorian style & very high ceilings. Almost 4metres tall.

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