What Wood you pick?

We didn’t make it to Auchenard yesterday as we had a few urgent tasks to attend to back home. Dominik our contractor called at 5pm and updated us on progress at the site: double glazed windows were installed in the kitchen and installation works had begun on the kitchen cabinets. While we loved to hear about the progress it spurred us into action. We had to ensure our kitchen range was on site so the cabinets could be built around it (allowing space for oven doors opening etc). We have already pre-ordered the range cooker but we had to follow up with the store to check that they could deliver in the next few days. Dominik also reminded us that we have to pick up flooring for the kitchen, as the flooring currently looks like this:

Works 090

We have decided to go with hardwood floors in the kitchen. As there are original wooden floors throughout the property we thought that wooden flooring would work well in the kitchen.  Another major factor in us choosing to install wood over tile is that we already have approx 9m2 of wood in storage leftover from our first renovation. When I arrived home we donned our working clothes and opened up our lower level storage room. Each apartment in our block of six has a storage room allocated to the property. Originally they would have been coal cellars but with the move to central heating they have been re-purposed as storage spaces. That access path also opens out to our communal garden.

Wood 004

Wood 008

We were super eager last year during our renovation project and we bought the wood floor six weeks before it was required. When the floors were installed it became clear that we had bought too much flooring but we were past the date for returns so have had the excess wood in storage ever since.  The wood is dark stained oak. It is 18mm thick so it allows for quite a few sandings over the years. It comes in varying lengths as you can see from the picture below.

Wood 013

Last night we dug deep, past our Christmas decorations and bicycles that haven’t seen much daylight in 2013, and packed up our car with leftover wood. We have also arranged for a delivery of more of the same wood from the store for tomorrow. Here are a few pictures of it in our current home (excuse the dust):



We need 20m² of wood (approx 215ft²) to cover Auchenard’s kitchen floor. The wenge wood from Wickes works out  (what a tongue twister) at around £33 per m². As we have approx 9m² in storage –  it means we are saving about £290 or ($466 usd). Our total cost for the remainder of the wood is about £350 allowing for surplus wood to cover extra cuts and trim. From my basic math (taking into account we have re-used wood we haven’t been able to sell our kitchen) that means we’ve only had to splurge £17.50 per m². Not bad considering it is excellent quality, we love it and it is in keeping with our old but new to us home.

So what about you? Anything useful lurking in your basement? Any thoughts on hardwood floors in kitchen – yay or nay? We love to hear from you.


One thought on “What Wood you pick?

  1. My old house actually had hard wood flooring in the kitchen orginally. It was painted a dark brown, very much like the color that you have selected. I’m unsure why it was later covered up with two different layers of linoleum. I really like how your floor looks!

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