Well hello hottie!

Lurking in the deepest darkest corners of our manky garage is one fine looking beast. With a name like Valliant how could it not get our fires burning? Ignore the wires, the damp flaking walls, the plethora of pipes and gaze on its condensing majesty.

Paint disasters

We spent some time trying out paint in on a sketch book at home some weeks ago. While we were at Auchenard over the weekend we thought we would double check to see if the paint looked any better on the wall of the living room. Guess what – it didn’t! Back to the drawing…

Laid bare

I have already posted here and here about the wallpaper stripping at Auchenard. It was pretty standard in the first two rooms. But then we meet a gold and navy room! I am wondering if this is original coloured plaster or a paint effect that has held up pretty well under the wallpaper. Welcome to…

Colour inspiration

I recently discovered a fabulous blogger Jessica at DesignSeeds who selects colours from photographs and then draws out an inspiring colour palette. This colour palette is our inspiration for paint colours at Auchenard: You find out more at http://design-seeds.com/