Open shelving

Source – Houzz Staged design photos are one thing, but living in a kitchen with open shelving is another. We’ve had open shelves for over a year and while we couldn’t totally do away with cabinets (where else do you hide the condiments) we are introducing more open shelving into our kitchen design.

Ikea, Ikan, Idid.

It was time to buy a kitchen, not just any kitchen, an ikea kitchen. I’ve written previously about the how and why of our kitchen purchase – and now the where. Glasgow Ikea is very handy to where we live so the three trips I have made in the past three weeks haven’t taken too…

Colour inspiration

I recently discovered a fabulous blogger Jessica at DesignSeeds who selects colours from photographs and then draws out an inspiring colour palette. This colour palette is our inspiration for paint colours at Auchenard: You find out more at