Paint disasters

We spent some time trying out paint in on a sketch book at home some weeks ago. While we were at Auchenard over the weekend we thought we would double check to see if the paint looked any better on the wall of the living room. Guess what – it didn’t! Back to the drawing board.

Works 066

One thought on “Paint disasters

  1. Choosing a color can be arduous as the little square you paint on the wall often looks completely different one a whole room is painted. Some web-sites e.g., Benjamin Moore will let you virtually paint a room on their website allowing you to better predict if you like the shade or not. When we were painting my son’s room I was looking for a shade of blue as well. The color splotches I had picked out at the store turned out to look more baby-boy’s room than hip-tween.

    Thanks for stopping by to check out my project as well.

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