How does your garden grow?

While much has been going on inside the property, there haven’t been many exterior developments. When we first got they keys to Auchenard we spent a long time & even hired in some help in the form of my youngest brother Abraham to clear the overgrown lane adjacent to our property.  We chopped, strimmed and weeded the lane so that the four foot high weeds were reduced to shorn debris. It was a first pass extreme makeover – and our primary aim was to ensure that the lane was passable so that a skip delivery truck could deposit our mega skips. We also know that somewhere down the line we want to be able to park our car at the back of the property.


Once we had cut down as much of the overgrown undergrowth as possible it was time to crack out the RoundUp. We had carried out some quick research, and due to the fact that we needed it at 10am on a Sunday morning we were limited to the range that a local B&Q. The weedkiller needed to be easily applied as it it was to cover more than 50m2. A hand squeezed pump wouldn’t cut it as there was just too much ground to cover. We wanted something that was easily applied, can be directed easily and works with one hand. We choose a pressure pump version of Round-Up which promised fast action & kills the weeds at the roots. Cue glamorous assistant showing off the product:

Auchenard - garden works 154

Auchenard - garden works 153

Eventually when Stuart had finished picking up all the cut down branches and dragged them via tarpaulin to the forest at the back we had a space that was ready for spraying. It gave me the chance to fully prime the pump before beginning.  When it is pumped it then gives up to three minutes of controllable spray and is ideal for paths, lames and even flower beds. One of the pluses of this product is that it fully degrades in soil to allow replanting and children and pets need not be excluded from treated areas once dry. While that isn’t a direct concern for us at present the lane is used as an access way to the forest at the back of the property so there were animals and kids passing by. Good to know there would be no lingering danger.

Auchenard - garden works 151This picture gives a good indication of how clear the lane was some weeks after the inital applicaiton of weedkiller. See in the distance how clear the lane is and how little green there is. Well done Roundup! However in the foreground there is lots of little green shots popping up.

Roof and plaster 002

The reason why there is so much grass growing is that we didn’t get a chance to spray weedkiller on this area. It was smothered in the rubbish we had left out for Council pick up. We will have to crack out the Roundup one of these weekends and finish the job off. In the longer term we will have to look for a better solution. While we own about six foot of the lane from our wall towards the centre of the lane there is a public right of way which leads me to think that the road should be managed by the Council. We will have to investigate in time – but for now we’ll have to get cracking on this grass. How does your garden grow? In our case – too vigorously!

Roof and plaster 001

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