Rocking down to electric avenue

I have been impressing you all with our very smooth, very brown walls. I have to be honest everything isn’t happening so smoothly. I mean this wall is pretty cool but ain’t smooth. The electric wires are springing up all over the place. As its a pretty large space there are going to be a lot of light switches. Each wire connects to one of the four lights in the upper hallway.

ImageThis picture shows quite well the new height of all the light switches. They are standard height in compliance with current regulations. We have also placed them in more easy to reach places. Rather than reach back into the small space alongside the door frame it is more natural to reach slightly forward to the left wall.

Plastering 007How about this for not so smooth wall? It shows all the wiring and the heating systems as they will be below the floorboards. It feels like looking at the guts out of the house.

Plastering 013

The list of things to do is very long and seems to be getting longer. Its like I have written about before Рit only gets worse before it gets better.  Remember that its one thing at a time, and it will all eventually get done!

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