Dream or total fantasy? Grotty shed to gleaming garden room?

We have a room that is currently used as a garage and has some grotty exterior wooden doors. They have suffered from a lot of wear and tear over the years. The garage itself is damp, dirty and is covered in peeling paint. There is a rusted sink and a boiler that has been condemned. It isn’t the space of my dreams that is for sure, more room of nightmares:

Plastering 21.10.13 092We will need to replace the windows and doors in this room (if we could throw it all out I would!):

Plastering 21.10.13 094The peeling paint and grotty sink give me the heebeejeebees.

Plastering 21.10.13 098We want to transform it into a garden room – it isn’t a full indoor room but can be used for barbecues etc on those very few days in the summer in Scotland when it actually stops raining. In my dreams and fantasties the garage will eventually transform into a beautiful living space. Can we turn the space from this:

Plastering 21.10.13 093

To this? Garage room

Image courtesy of the doodle house

Anyone else out there have the vision? Are you with me? Dreams are certainly what is required at this stage of the project.


Image courtesy of Houzz

Garden room

Image courtesy of Houzz

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