Major changes afoot

As I mentioned yesterday we now have a scaffolding tower outside the house. As if the builder want to out-do the roofers we have two inside!

Plastering 21.10.13 055Plastering has started in the upper bedrooms, so things will be looking very bleak & brown around here for a while. Bleak and brown but oh so smooth. The dressing room adjacent to the master bedroom and the master guest bedroom are currently getting replastered.

Plastering 21.10.13 069

Plastering 21.10.13 060Say farewell to the gold & blue.

Plastering 21.10.13 057It is brown from here on in. This stage of the works will also include repairing the skirting boards (see that missing section in the lower right of the photo below?) and replacing door facings where required:

Plastering 21.10.13 063In other news our former pink room is a beige as the paint stripping continues:

Auchenard - garden works 020Doesn’t it feel so much brighter than before?

Plastering 21.10.13 073

Auchenard - garden works 177

Plastering 21.10.13 072There is touching up of plaster work about the house. For thicker plastering like around the sockets it will take a lot longer to dry so it is great the team are getting ahead of themselves.

Plastering 21.10.13 080I can only imagine that this is either the team’s to-do list (which has nothing on my to-do list) or a recipe for plaster.

Plastering 21.10.13 079I can give you a plaster recipe – all it takes is a little bit of this….

Plastering 21.10.13 065And a lot of that….

Plastering 21.10.13 106Just mix it all together et voila – ok maybe its a bit more complicated but Polbuilt are making it look very easy!

2 thoughts on “Major changes afoot

    • It really is a long process to get them back to the plaster, prep the surface and then skim the whole wall. I think the ceilings are going to be especially challenging. I am glad we have the pro’s in for this one. 😉

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