Roofing works commence

We had our good friends Paul & Liz over at the weekend and they paid a visit to our building site (that is sure how it feels at present). They had just bought a new home over in Edinburgh and they will be re-locating to Scotland in 2015. We are excited that they will be living a lot closer than a plane ride away.

October 2013 100

Do you also see the fancy sign posted by Dominik our contractor? His company Polbuilt carried out our renovation last year and he also posted advertising signs at that time. We laughed to see the signs appearing in a window across the street shortly after he finished our project – it seems advertising does work after all.

We were also very excited to see a scaffolding tower erected at the house. We got a text from Charlie our roofer on Friday letting us know that he would be starting work on the roof this week (weather dependent). Anyone else get the urge to climb viewing this tower?

October 2013 108

October 2013 102

October 2013 101

October 2013 107

October 2013 104

October 2013 103

We are looking forward to this stage of the project so we know that the house is water proof and damp proof. Its not too much to ask now is it?

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