For all you who know me in real life I am a keen thrift/ second hand shop shopper. So much of our furniture has been bought from second hand furniture shops in Edinburgh and Glasgow. We have a fair few shops locally and I do enjoy the process of finding a beautiful item in need of a new home. There can be the temptation to buy something just because it is a bargain – but I do try to stick to William Morris’ admonishment: “have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”.

I am a fan of ikea – having bought two kitchens and various p ieces of furniture there over the years. I have found though that some of their items aren’t built to stand the test of time. I am sure that their malm drawers aren’t built to stand the test of time – a set we had lasted about three years. We have been picking up ‘forever pieces’ slowly through the years. Today I popped out to scout around my two local Cosgrove Care charity shops. They are treasure troves, and that is where we donated our leftover charity items from Auchenard. I have had success in the past with a fabulous burnt orange lamp for £9.

October 2013 013I have had my eye on another lamp for some weeks, however it was a little bit too expensive for my liking. I was ok if it sold to someone else, but if it didn’t I was ready to purchase for the right price. My right price was £5 – and guess what price it was today? £5:

October 2013 118It also came with a lampshade which was brand new and priced at £4. I make that £1 for the lamp – right? I will re-use the lampshade on another lamp – and find a more stately looking one for the new lamp base.

October 2013 113

October 2013 114You can see that the lamp has another price tag….

October 2013 116Want to see it in close up? Original price at £25. It is worth £25 – and I would have ordinarily paid that price, however it was more of a want than a need. We have plenty of lamps from the aforementioned ikea although we are trying to slowly upgrade them.

October 2013 117

October 2013 114I also purchased two bed ends which had originally be used on a daybed. I am planning to paint spray these and use them together as a mega headboard for our super king size bed (California king for all you US readers).

October 2013 111

October 2013 112Not a bad haul for £10. Any other thrift shop success stories out there? Do you have a favorite go-to second hand store?

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