Decision tree

We are at the stage where we are suffering decision burnout. Thirteen rooms/spaces and two halls later we’ve had to work out how we’ll go through the house, turning on/off switches, using plug sockets and so on for the electrics. It was hard to think about how long the vacuum cord will be and where our future furniture will sit.

When you are handling a project with a short time scale things needs to be done pretty quickly. All those things that naturally evolve when living in a home are harder to plan in the abstract. No amount of glossy magazines can prepare you to plan out where 14 radiators will be placed.

As this is our second time on the renovation merry-go-round the kitchen planning has been easier but not totally trouble free. We’ve had some difficulties along the way so far – there was a false wall hiding this deep space in the kitchen area:


You will remember from our previous kitchen plans we want a straight line of units. We’ve tried to work out a better solution but the width of the space won’t allow for much ingenuity. That is where the tall larder fridge will sit – and there isn’t another natural space for it.

Yesterday our contractor called to say the police had been onsite. Some kids had been setting fire to a mattress that we had left out for the Council to collect. We rushed to the site after work to manage that & to ensure we don’t frustrate the neighbours.

Every day on site there is an onslaught of questions and decisions to be made. We’ve been here before and know to expect it – but it doesn’t make it any easier. In the background we are also looking at tiles, bathroom fixtures and fittings, flooring and paint options – so I am holding my hands up and admitting decision burn out. We’ll take an evening off and get back in the saddle tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Decision tree

  1. Ha, I was just thinking of writing a post on this same topic! What really burns me up is trying to figure out the best option out of dozens of similar products with brand names that are not helpful at all in distinguishing how they’re made or anything useful about them.

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