Bathroom nightmares

Gordon Ramsay ain’t got a thing on this bathroom nightmare! The bathroom wasn’t in great condition when we bought the house but at least it was functional. Now ? – not so much! For all those of you with a delicate constitution – please look away now.

This the site of the former built-in cupboard: Image

How about the toilet a la detritus – I think this classifies as a nightmare!


The whole cupboard seems to have moseyed on over to the bath. I mean it is the most logical place for it – right? Ok – the skip would have been better but it will get there eventually.



How about that shower? Slightly pink and very dirty – not quite hotel standard.


And for your viewing pleasure here is a random section of old original wall panelling. This was behind wood at the back of the former built-in.


I do think that the original wood would have been pretty impressive. Isn’t it amazing to think that mild pink tiles were a better option that original wood?



It really is a total bathroom nightmare. It is so great to know that in a few weeks this will be a distant memory. As we’ve previously written about we have chosen a new bathroom. We need to choose the tiles and then we are ready to rock and roll. But I am holding off on those decisions for just a while longer.

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