Things you just can’t DIY

There are somethings that you just can’t do yourself. Or at least I certainly feel like we couldn’t do ourselves. This is one of our DIY nemeses. Here is a clue – see all that dust?


And it might have something to do with this light on our neighbour’s house:


We have asked our electricians to install a light at the front of the house so there is light for folk arriving after dark.  You will note from the picture above the wire going along the wall on the lower left hand side. That is the electrical wiring for the light along the exterior wall and we expected something similar. However all that dust had to come from somewhere.  And see the wires below – they aren’t along the side of the wall!


It turns out that our electricians asked our contractors to drill through the wall for them.  So the thing that we couldn’t DIY was drill through about approx 2 foot / 24 inches/ 60 cm of wall. I mean look at the sheer depth of it! It runs the whole way through the red brick, past the wooden door frame and a few inches back.  That must have taken a mega drill. It is just another example of how the contractors we have over deliver.


We have one very neat hole for the wiring. The only DIY part of this process will be us researching and buying the light fixture.


Anyone else amazed that the drilled through the wall. I am still super impressed (and I am posting this a few days after it happened!)

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