Picking paint (or why oh why are we renovating again?)

I don’t have much experience of picking paint colours. Growing up in a family of 14 kids there was a lot of house to paint and not so much money in the decorating budget – so my Dad’s staple colour was magnolia. There is much to be said for neutral palette and we are thinking of having magnolia in our hall to keep the space light and airy. We do however want to pick stronger colours for the other rooms in the house. Cue the song “there may be trouble ahead…”. Stuart and I tend to have similar tastes in most things – but when it comes to colour Stuart likes any colour as long as it is blue. A strong blue, or light blue – doesn’t matter as long as it is blue. When we go paint shopping it is difficult to agree on colours which meant that last year when we renovated our first flat we picked the colours out of a Dulux leaflet the night before our contractor was to purchase the paint!  We did test some paint but they were so pastel it made me think we were decorating a candy shop. We did know that we didn’t want to live with the original pink. At this point there were three layers of primer on the lighter wall and the paint was still showing through. We are trying to be a little more organised this time so we’ve tried paint samples. As we have been on site every day since the project started we thought we would take a few hours off. I whipped out a sketch book that I have been using as a project book & sacrificed four pages to the cause. Our four paint choices were Wickes Purple Haze, Biscuit, Admiral and Dulux Warm Pewter:

Door removal 012

Door removal 013

This is the grey. It is quite underwhelming & doesn’t have the depth of colour we were looking for.

Door removal 014

The other colours were too light, too dark and not quite right. I am planning to take the painted pages over to Auchenard to see how they react in the light there. The deep blue is pretty amazing but I think it would be overwhelming in any room in our house. The walls are so tall and the rooms so large that I think a very dark colour would be oppressive.

Door removal 015

I wish I had the courage to paint a room Bowler Grey or Mulberry Burst. Who knows – we might get the courage before its all over!

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