Back to the drawing board (& plaster board)

When Stuart and I saw the kitchen we were able to look past the laminate walls, the out dated kitchen and stained carpet. The one thing that the kitchen had going for it was the wood panelling on the ceiling.

ImageI know that this doesn’t look impressive but I have been searching in the blogosphere for some time and have vision for how it could look. So while we saw it like this:


I imagined it like this:


Source: bearhillinteriors

 We talked it through with our building contractor Dominik and decided that with a lot of primer it could turn out quite nicely. One thing we forgot about was that the electricians need to wire up the kitchen – and the only way to reach the ceiling fittings was through the wood.


Cue gnashing of teeth and much wailing – well not so much. We just shrugged our shoulders and knew that a simple plasterboard solution will give us a smooth ceiling and we can jazz it up with some nice lighting.  Back to the drawing board, but that often happens on projects. As the house evolves so does the design.

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