Junk in the trunk

We’re so very glad to get a skip in the garden. It is a builders skip so larger than an ordinary sized skip – which is great because we have a larger than ordinary pile of rubbish. This is the current view of our garden – a fabulous melange of faux wood, household junk and ceiling wood from the kitchen.


The skip is so big it can’t fully fit into the driveway. We’re calling it skippy the mega sized skip!


No matter the size of the skip the growing pile of rubbish dwarves it. I think that pile is like the chocolate brick in Candy Crush – if you don’t pay attention for a second you look around to find it has taken over everything.

ImageI for one will be very glad to get all that rubbish out of the garden and in that skip. This isn’t all straight for the landfill – we’ve made sure that the items in the skip are recycled by the skip company. We’ve been told that all materials are recycled, reused or disposed of responsibly. So all that wood isn’t going straight to landfill but get this – it may be used to make wood chips – which in turn might make woodchip wallpaper making the circle of life complete. So because we are recycling more folk will buy the environmentally friendly recycled woodchip wallpaper and in the future it will keep lots of builders in work stripping woodchip wallpaper. So really we are just one small part of the woodchip cog. In fact having thought about it, it might be my fault that the house is covered in woodchip wallpaper!Image

One thing we’ve learned is that skip companies don’t like carpet. We’ll need to find another solution – so in the meantime if you need a bunch of soggy old carpet I am your man (or the sole reason there is a woodchip problem in the western hemisphere).


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