It gets worse before it gets better!

One thing about renovation projects is that there is always an “it gets worse before it gets better phase”. Last night when we were trailing around a light talking with our gas expert regarding replacing the boiler and measuring the bathroom to check that our online bathroom purchases will fit we definitely felt it is a lot worse! The walls have holes all over the place for the new switch panels.  I have to say that it is really interesting to see the interior of the walls with the mix of wood and plaster.


See the strip of multiple wires down the side wall? This is definitely worse:


Our electricians have completed the upper floors and are now working on the lower ground floor and garage. See that hole in the wall – this is definitely not better so we’ll file that in the worse category!



But in the middle of the “it gets worse before it gets better” phase there are reminders that it can’t get any worse, it can only get better. Like the boiler – I mean it already says ‘warning do not use’ and is rusted beyond belief.




Or when holes appear in walls all over the place. Definitely can’t get worse – right?



On our first renovation we were here before – and its a good reminder that it gets worse, but it does get better.




How about you? Any advice for pushing through the pain?

2 thoughts on “It gets worse before it gets better!

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