Ikea, Ikan, Idid.

It was time to buy a kitchen, not just any kitchen, an ikea kitchen. I’ve written previously about the how and why of our kitchen purchase – and now the where. Glasgow Ikea is very handy to where we live so the three trips I have made in the past three weeks haven’t taken too much time. I had a late night at work and as the evenings are getting shorter here is how it looked when I arrived:


As I already had the ‘pick list’ from my previous visit all that I had to do was handover the list, confirm a few items and then wait for Craig the very helpful assistant to create the stock pick list. I went for a lonesome dinner – there were very few dining – but Ikea has certainly got colourful in the dining room.


I had bangers and mash with a glass of vino – that just how I roll. With a full day of work and then evenings spent on the project I can tell you this was haute cusine at its finest.


What do you think about my dinner companions?


I was soon sorted with the picklist and headed down to the till. We also had our wonderfully generous giftcard from our friends Paul & Rosemary.

How great to get that finalised! We’ll get the kitchen delivered to our home over the next few days. I was excited to get that done, and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better it turned into Christmas! Oh man I am one Christmas fan.

Ikea are advertising their Christmas tree promotion where you buy a tree but get £20 back on a gift card. So it is a £5 Christmas tree (at least that is what I tell myself) – and I will certainly be first in line:



This was the tree we had last year…. I am wondering if I can get a bigger one for Christmas 2013.


Oh it makes me very happy to see it all Christmassy…




I have to admit I did put some Christmas decorations in my big yellow ikea bag, but then remembered how much I have stashed away in various places in our current house. I don’t promise I won’t buy some baubles before the year is out but I will try!

It has been a hard week on the bank account:- kitchen, bathroom and boiler – but one thing that surprised me about this kitchen purchase is that we managed to buy a lot more than last year but paid a lot less. They have promotions on at the minute that include 25% off appliances and 25% off some kitchen doors. With that great giftcard we came in well below our budget. Of that budget we spent 1/3 on appliances including a fridge freezer, built in microwave, dishwasher and washing machine for the utility area.

I took home the handles – but I may be having buyers remorse. What do you think?



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