Bathroom a go go!

We have to order the bathroom pronto and we’ve been humming and hawwing about what to do. Do we change the layout and incur more costs? Do we re-plumb the bathroom? We’ve been thinking about our current use of the bathroom and I think that I have only taken a bath once. Our current bath is functional but doesn’t shout luxury. Since our shower is so enjoyable it isn’t something we think about.

I do dream of a luxury bath though – and images such as this make me want to draw a deep bubble bath:


We have been looking at all kinds of baths and there are so many different types available. By far the most common and affordable are acrylic, with some steel baths and at the upper end of the range are iron cast baths. Most of the iron cast designs on the market are traditional  but there are also modern takes on cast iron inset baths available. Aside from how they look the main benefit of cast iron has great thermal properties which holds heat well – so your water stays hotter for longer than in an equivalent acrylic or steel bath. Research also turned up the fact that cast iron takes enamel finishes very well, so cast iron bathtubs are very resistant to scratching and staining. Anything will be an improvement on the current bath:


At a loss for what to choose (and after a deafening silence when asking for help of facebook (you all must be too busy having fun!)) I reached out and asked an expert. My brother in law Mark recommended an iron cast bath, as long as the floor is robust. As you would expect a cast iron bathtub is a lot heavier than an equivalent steel or acrylic model so it is harder on the floor – and it often needs to be reinforced. Dominik our builder has told us that the floor will be robust enough so it is definitely an option.

After considering all the benefits we’ve decided to go for a cast iron bath – it is definitely more of an investment piece than a budget option – but as Auchenard is a pretty fancy house we thought it needed a pretty fancy bathroom.

We also need to plan the bathroom around the stained glass door – isn’t it pretty?


We also had to measure up the bathroom so we could order it tonight. As the electricians have been in the electricity is off so we had to work by limited light. We’ve now ordered this beauty. I am thinking of having it painted french grey or parchment white.


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