Getting wired!

We have been making pretty remarkable progress on the house – but a legal and charitable ball took up most of our weekend and we had a couple of visitors to Auchenard. Paul & Rose visited with their wonderful son Owen. He has the most energy I think I’ve ever seen in a kid, I wanted to bottle it up and save some for later. They also gave us a wonderful house warming gift – meaning that Ikea kitchen is becoming even more affordable. Thanks so much Paul, Rose & Owen!

The house is more and more like a building site each day. Our electricians are now in every day rewiring the whole house.


Unfortunately they are also ripping up the floorboards so we will have to see how much damage there is at the end.  It may be that some of the rooms will be beyond repair – or that we use the floorboards from one room to repair the floorboards in others. We’ll have to wait and see. (What about that crazy sized drill!)


I had to walk around the house with Lech – our electrician pointing out where we wanted all the sockets and light fittings. It is pretty challenging to imagine how the house will be used and where to put the sockets. It involves a lot of walking to and fro and imaging how it would  all work.


We’re erred on the side of more is more so we have four double sockets in most of the bedrooms. One of the treats we have is that you can turn off the central lights from each of the beds. No more having to get out of bed to turn off the main light!


At present there are a lot of holes all over the place where light fittings will eventually be placed. As most of the light switches are being relocated too many rooms look like this:


See the higher socket hole on the left – that is where you lazily reach over on the point of sleep to turn off the light. We’re planning on having the master guest bed in the centre of the wall – with two double sockets behind the bedside tables.


It definitely is looking a lot worse though – more building site than beautiful abode.


The floors are giving me the heebee jeebies. Lots of miracles required to get them back in shape.



What do you think? Will we ever get there with the floor? Does it always have to get worse before it gets better? How many sockets does a gal or guy need?

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