Get the low down on the damp!

As I mentioned previously one of the headline problemos with our lovely home is that there was damp identified in the basement area. We had a repair category three for damp in the property. Generally in a Scottish home report items are identified with a 1, 2 or 3 rating.

  • One means that no immediate action or repair is needed.
  • Two means that repairs or replacement requiring future attention, but estimates are still advised.
  • Three means that urgent repairs or replacement are needed now. Failure to deal with them may cause problems to other parts of the property or cause a safety hazard. Estimates for repairs or replacement are needed asap.

The home report stated that that there was damp in the basement, water ingress in the bay window area (from water running down the outside of the house) and in the ceiling areas and awarded it a big fat three. Charlie the roofer will do a great work on the roof that will deal with the water ingress and the ceiling issues which just left us the damp. Tommy Beveridge from Scotia who we found on had already quoted them came into investigate. He came fully kitted out and set up in no time at all.  There was a handy little panel under the storage closet which they opened to investigate.


Stuart and I were working in the garage when Tommy called us in. He said he had some news for us. He shone his light into the area to show that full tanking works were carried out and a damp proof course added when the basement was excavated. He said that the damp that was registering in the plasterboard walls was just down to the fact that the house had been closed up for 18 months and no heating had been on for that whole time.


Here is the view of what Stuart saw when he was investigating – the plastic material in the upper right of the picture is some of the damp proofing works.


Tommy didn’t get away without doing some work! He added a damp proof membrane in the cellar so that will be dry and fully useable for storage.



It isn’t very pretty but it very practical. We removed all the leftover items from the space and brushed up the dirt but left the brackets in as we’ll add new shelves in due course. We’ve left it to dry out. The unsightly pipes and wires will be dealt with when the gas heating and electrical re-wiring are carried out. I can tell you – having a headline issue solved in three figures is absolutely phenomenal. We’ve saved thousands from our budget, although it is no doubt going to get spent elsewhere.


Overall we’ve benefited from the scary home report that turned out to have over stated the level of problems.  How about you? Did you have a house of horror stories or good news stories?

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