Master guest bedroom: progress update

You avid readers will no doubt remember our fabulous guest bedroom from our house tour. Well we’re hoping it is fabulous once we get all the items off our list checked off. In the meantime those carpets keep us guessing – when was this ever a good look?


The dark curtains and the dusty net curtains meant the room was pretty musty and dark. The room also had built in storage which Stuart referred to as ‘pre-Ikea hell’, as they were really solid but had about six hundred nails and screws keeping it together.


While I was taking items out of the other rooms in the house Stuart deconstructed the precursor to Ikea flat pack:


The wardrobe was covering a multitude of sins, like cracking plaster work and chopped down skirting boards.




Here is the man of the moment – smiling (or grimacing) through the pain:


We also discovered original wallpaper – under four layers of other wallpaper. Pretty impressive red paper. I don’t know how to date the wallpaper but would love to find that it was super old:


Some more reverse building and heavy lifting of all the wood later and we were left with a room that looked like this:


Notice the random piece of skirting board that is left? That whole section will have to be replaced in due course. It is also hard to see from the photo but all the plug sockets are embedded into the skirting boards. As this is not within current electrical safety standards we will have to make sure we remove all those sockets and patch the skirting boards. Just one more thing to-do around here.

Doesn’t the room look so much better with the curtains removed? It gets great light and the view is pretty amazing.



What do you think? Were those carpets ever a good idea? Would you have chosen that red wallpaper? How old could it possibly be? If there are any wallpaper aficionados out there we’d love your feedback.


3 thoughts on “Master guest bedroom: progress update

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