Second guest bedroom: Progress Update

Over the weekend while Abraham was grafting away in the garden (with a bit of lifting and brushing from Stu & I) Stuart was getting handy with his power tools inside the house. When we bought the house it was full of furniture and we knew we have responsibility for its removal. The second guest bedroom had three wardrobes, two shelf towers, a bed, a chest, a chair, curtains and a purple rug. It took a long time to disassemble the wardrobes as they were pretty sturdy, and and even longer time to cart them outside. Here is what it looked like before:



 And after some hard work, we have a blank canvas. Abraham commented how much better it is to see the potential of the house when the rooms are clear – and I am sure you will agree. You get a better sense of the space and light coming into the house (however don’t overlook potential, even when it is hidden behind a lot of old stuff) :





Here you can see the old red tiles from the original fire plinth. These will look pretty amazing all cleaned up – however we’ll have to decide what to do when the room is finished, i.e. does it work with the placement of the furniture. For now I am thinking we leave them ‘as is’:


So here is something to strike off the longest list ever.

–  Second Guest Room 

  • Get rid of curtains, wardrobes, bed and purple rug.
  • Remove wallpaper on walls and replaster.
  • Remove woodchip wallpaper on ceiling and replaster.
  • Replace light fixture.
  • Sand and varnish the floorboards.
  • Paint walls, ceilings and skirting boards.
  • Add furniture, curtains etc.

Just all the rest to-do then!


3 thoughts on “Second guest bedroom: Progress Update

    • Hi Liz,

      The house was built in 1904 – its funny you should ask as my brother Isaac mentioned we should do a post on that! Will get one up over the next few days. Its so lovely that you are reading – thanks for stopping by.


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