Before & After: Garden works

I love a good before and after. So how about three for y’all?

This is the to the left of the front gate – before: 


And after:


How about the lawn? Here is what it was like on day one:


To this:



Here is the ‘before’ of the path that leads to the back of the house: 


And the after: 



It was a hard day’s work and we have Abraham to thank for all the sterling work in the garden. In the to do list to end all to-do lists I had barely mentioned the garden – so we’ll have to revise it to list all the works we have done to date. 

Thankfully we took a little time to enjoy the view from the master and guest bedrooms. Pretty huh? This picture doesn’t show the full detail of the view over the whole of Glasgow. It is really impressive. 



2 thoughts on “Before & After: Garden works

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