Brushing up

Today we have two major aims – get the damp proof works started and start to clear the overgrown garden. The main access to the back of the property was overgrown and we couldn’t get our car in, let alone a skip which we will require in the coming days. (Apologies for the quality of the pictures – it was a very bright day!)



Help was on hand in the form of Irish Abraham and Scottish Stuart. They were both wearing their rugby tops – I guess that must be the standard uniform for gardening – who knew? From experience we needed something heavy duty for this job so we went on the hunt for a brush cutter/ grass trimmer. Three stores later we got some all important safety items and this gem:


The brush cutter made light work of the weeds and bush. While it took a lot of clearing up (my job!) which we managed with the help of a tarpaulin it was easy to see the difference.



A lot of lifting, strimming, trimming and cutting later we had a drive-able driveway.


Better than this – right?


We even had the energy to trim back some of the hedges at the front of the property.


There is still a huge amount of landscaping and gardening that needs to be done but now we can walk freely down the garden path and can get the car down the lane – which is great as we have this pile of stuff in need of a skip.  We’ve been clearing out the cellar and the garage and there is a lot of work still to do.


We’ll be back over the next few days with some amazing news regarding the damp proof works. For now we all need a hot shower and some dinner.


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