Ikea kitchen planner: so simple even I can do it

How to plan a kitchen in one easy step: go to Ikea and get someone to do it for you. If you want to make it more complicated then you need to go the following link  http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_GB/rooms_ideas/splashplanners.html and open up the kitchen planner. Create a profile and then you can get cracking.


YFirst step is to choose the room shape and size. See those choices in the drop down panel to the left? If you have the dimensions of your room the layout is pretty simple. You can also choose all your appliances and there is even an option to put in the dimensions of you own appliances – we are buying a range cooker so we put those details in directly.


So after much pottering around you should come out with pretty cool plan for your kitchen. Here is ours – this is the view toward the window. We’ve left the upper wall free for open shelving.


This the view across to the other side of the room from the back door. The range is whited out as its something we will purchase directly but there are great options on the Ikea page.


This view shows where the dining area will be – it is currently wood panelled so it certainly is nice to see what it will look like in a lighter hue.


Finally here is a bird’s eye view of the room. For fun I selected light stone tiles but there are so many flooring options. I am off to play with the app to see what floor would work well with our kitchen.


I can tell you something – this planned kitchen is a lot easier on the eye than the current kitchen.




So what do you think? Too many upper cabinets or two few? Does the range work well in that space or would you like to see something else. We haven’t ordered it yet (and I tell you why here) so now is your chance to chip in with your take.

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