Evolving style

Style constantly evolves whether it’s David Beckham’s haircut, Cheryl Cole’s tattoos, Katie Price’s wigs or how we style our homes. As mentioned previously Stuart was quite keen on chintz back in the day – notice the floral sofa lurking in the photo below? To be fair I think that at the time he just needed somewhere to sit and these were bought from a friend at a good price.  While this home wasn’t ready for the pages of a lifestyle magazine it had all the elements we love: high ceilings; tall windows; built in storage; wooden floors and natural light. You can change the style of a place but you can’t generally change room dimensions.


His stylish table runner and candles were obviously to add flair:


We replaced the sofa via a trip to Ikea – who knew that that size sofa wouldn’t fit in a VW Golf (apart from Stuart), added pictures and plants:



We’ve slowly made our flat a little bit more polished – but we’ve a long way to go and lots of ideas for our new home.  However do you notice the theme: high ceilings; tall windows; built in storage; wooden floors and natural light?




I know that personal style is so subjective. Our good friends Beth & Euan hand painted amazing blue chandeliers & had a blackboard wall in their kitchen, another Abi & her amazing Mum made built-in shelving out of copper pipes and black painted wood – things I would never have thought of but are absolutely fabulous and make their houses into homes. Style should be like that – natural and innate and not forced. Don’t try to replicate others, and if your budget is second hand chintz then go with it until you can upgrade to the Gumtree.

How about you? Do you move around so much you can sling your items in a bag and make a new place yours in day or do you have a home set up over 30 years and you can’t imagine changing a thing? How has your personal style evolved?


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