Stuart and I have had our fair share of fun times at Ikea over the years. Our marriage is pretty solid but the two things that have caused heated debates have been: (1) driving directions & (2) Ikea visits. Thankfully a GPS solved 50% of those problems and we’ve had enough time and experience at Ikea to come out of the process relatively unscathed. One of our early Ikea purchases was an shelving unit, and we wowed the world with our DIY skills by hanging a freestanding mirror on the wall. I can tell you we felt pretty fancy completing that task. It took wall plugs and everything! We struggled to agree on the configuration on these two red drawers so the fact that we can now design a kitchen together is testament to a lot of compromise and communication.


Much of our home improvements were botched jobs with Stuart standing precariously on tables and involved a 6 swiss franc paper light shades:


Having spend the past four years living in five homes we have learned what we love and what we don’t which helps us filter down our options pretty quickly. We list the things we like which helps us narrow down our choices.

  • Wood cabinets
  • Belfast sinks
  • Range cookers
  • Open metal shelving
  • Ikea kitchens

Going with Ikea means we have simplified options:- three sinks; two door fronts; and one shelf making it a (relatively) painless process. In fact our mood board for our new kitchen looks pretty much like this:


The real hardwood units remind me of our first kitchen tiny little Geneva flat. Some things just never leave you:


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