Q: What colour is your parachute?

A: Doesn’t matter as long as it works.

On the other hand what colour your home is matters. Well its minor in the grand scheme of life but since you most likely will decorate a home at some stage it is better to choose something you like!

Plan, plan and plan again

We are in the calm before the storm as we wait for our contractors to come back with final quotes and timescales. Work on the roof should be starting this week and we’re hoping that the damp proof specialist can clear some time to get cracking. We’d like to ensure the building is water tight before anything else.

In the meantime there is plenty to do – like think about how our current furniture is going to fit into the new home, plan a paint scheme and clear out the property for the major renovations.

How to pick a paint scheme

This bit is totally up to you. Do you love everything in black and white?


Are you a secret minimalist or is floral chintz your theme of choice (a la Stu)? Make sure to consult with your spouse (and kids where relevant) – your inner desires for primary colours may conflict with their pastel dreams.

One thing that pro-bloggers and professionals recommend is that you create a ‘mood board’. This isn’t a new fangled way to express your feelings about how the renovation project is driving you up the wall but rather a spiffy way to say ‘get your designs on paper’ before committing to puce walls and then reneging as soon as the paint is dry.

Make your mood board

For those organised readers you can buy tester pots for paints, get lots of material swatches, samples of wallpaper, carpet or wood flooring from large DIY stores and online suppliers. We’ve had good success buying wood online after seeing a sample (thankfully as we’d ordered 70m2)! If you are thinking of furniture then save images from online (watching out for copyright issues), magazines and catalogues. There are some decent online tools like myplanner which you help you do a better job than this three second attempt:


Add in any inspirational photos you’ve taken whether it is from wandering around Ikea or the country house you have just visited.


If you are like me then get a Dulux colour book and narrow down the options that your spouse can tolerate. Make sure you avoid the feature wall pages et voila – mood board!

Be Realistic

If your mood board is full of beautiful Greek villas with infinity pools and you live in a dingy bedsit in Govan then you might want to focus on things that work for you like light clean colours in the main room and a clear blue in your bathroom.

Consider the space and light each room has – if you’re decorating a box room that deep green probably isn’t going to cut it.

Anyone actually made a real life fancy mood board or do you prefer to make it up as you go along? My friend Sarah-Jane fancies a pale lemon for the guest room. Any other requests?

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