Asbestos: where every home owner fears to tread

Auchenhard has asbestos. Pretty much any property build before 2000 will contain some element of asbestos whether it’s in the artex walls, pipe insulation, ceiling panels, roof or tiles so we’re not alone.

Asbestos is a fibrous product that was commonly used in building materials from the 1950’s which has insulating properties and can resist heat and corrosion. Unfortunately the inhalation of the asbestos fibres can cause serious diseases of the lungs and other organs. It generally only appears a long time after the original exposure and can be fatal. Roughly 4000 people die from asbestos related diseases each year in the UK.  There is no cure for asbestos-related diseases. Needless to say its a serious business removing asbestos and you will need a licensed contractor to carry out the work.

Thankfully the only identified asbestos product at our property is in this innocent looking flue.

Auchenhard 023

While a small section of the flue does join into the boiler in the garage most of it is external. It’s the greenish tinged pipe running up the full height of the property:

Auchenhard 026

Your fancy metal work isn’t going to save you! Your days are numbered.

Auchenhard 024

We’re getting some quotes from asbestos removal companies and will be back with an update when the work is carried out. In the meantime if you have any asbestos related home issues a full list of licensed asbestos contractors is provided by the Health and Safety Executive and can be found here.

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