Green, green grass of home.

My parents were always pottering around with plants and in the garden as we were growing up. I remember a fabulous monkey puzzle tree, bright fushia, fragrant sweet pea, and blossoming roses among the treasures of our garden.  Stuart’s parents had a marvelous garden full of bright flowers all year round and his Mum could reel of the names of so many plants.

We’ve both been city dwellers for too long and spending the majority of the past 12 years has somewhat stunted our green fingers. However they’ll certainly have a chance to blossom when we move to Auchenard.

I can now spot hydrangea from a mile off as this is the flower my bridesmaids carried at our wedding celebration in Luss.

16 Sept - Aucenhard 594

Even I can identify patch of grass which used to be a lawn:

16 Sept - Aucenhard 612

There is some work yet to be done. Can anyone identify this lot?

16 Sept - Aucenhard 609 16 Sept - Aucenhard 605

16 Sept - Aucenhard 603

3 thoughts on “Green, green grass of home.

  1. The second one is St Johns Wort. It has wee yellow flowers in the summer. Can’t help but think the third is a variety of the peace lilly maybe..? Does the first one have flowers?

    • Lee I’m very impressed! I don’t think the first one has flowers but I will keep an eye out. Too long living in flats. It’s pretty wild round but we’ll bring some order eventually. Are you a keen gardener?

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