Get on the floor(plan)

 One thing we always bear in mind when house hunting is space. While most things in houses can be altered, renovated or replaced it is very difficult to add more space. When we saw the floorplan for Auchenard we knew this property was worth a closer look:



Initial thoughts are to use the bedroom adjacent to the master bedroom as a dressing room and to knock through the office and snooker room in the basement to create a library/ media room. I am sure plans will develop as we move through the project.





2 thoughts on “Get on the floor(plan)

  1. Just how weird are the dimensions of the rooms? I see rooms which should have the same width (e.g. ground floor kitchen 3.7m x 3.4m and first floor bedroom 4.1m x 3.9m) differing significantly – it’s even worse if I add the widths of the master bedroom and the adjacent small bedroom.

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