Hidden treasure

Last year when Stuart and I renovated our first home (well when our hardworking builders renovated our first home & we paid them!) we installed hardwood floors. We have been pricing up wood for this property and it is well into the four figures for a property 200m2. 

Imagine our delight & surprise when we uncovered these hidden treasures. 




This is the bottom set of stairs & the next photo shows the hall floor & the floorboards in the living room. 


Floorboards like these can very easily be sanded and varnished. Some examples of what it will look like can be found here: http://alphadustfree.co.uk/sanded-stained-varnished-gallery/

Thankfully for Sarah-Jane, it won’t be too dark, it won’t be too light – it’ll be just right. 

6 thoughts on “Hidden treasure

  1. Looks like a great project. I just sanded Reid’s room. Hired the machine and then stained the floor before varnishing it. Really quite easy to do and it was my first time. Just watched some YouTube to help get started

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